My friends at Pocket Disc have created a kickstarter campaign to help fund their newest product: LunaDisc. this one-of-a-kind Fair Trade disc will have the power of LED lights hand sewn into the fabric for frisbee enthusiasts to enjoy at night.

The best part about these guys, besides the awesome designs they have created is the fact that they are giving back to Guatemala and the families that sew these discs by hand.

All of our products are hand made under strict Fair Trade practices by Mayan artisans in villages in Guatemala and Yucatan, Mexico. That means the more successful we can be with the Luna Disc project, the more families we can involve. Our goal is to double the number of families we work with in Guatemala and the Yucatan from approximately 400 to over 800 by the end of the year! If you are not familiar with fair trade or why it’s important check out to learn more. Beyond the business side of things, we’ve been lucky to get involved in some other significant efforts to support the health of our producer communities as well as other green initiatives.

So if your looking for a safe alternative to playing disc golf indoors check out Pocket Disc and go help fund their kickstarter campaign.

2011 was a great year for the sport of disc golf. We saw new disc golf champions take center stage, and the growth of the sport has been felt coast-to-coast. Disc golf as a sport is evolving faster than many of us ever thought possible. Our disc golf blog and disc golf lessons and training program experienced significant local growth in Charlotte, NC and logged more than 1,000 hours of instruction to the North and South Carolina disc golfing communities.

Here is a great recap of some the best disc golf shots in 2011. Looking forward to more and more in 2012.

Best Disc Golf Shots of 2011




United States Disc Golf ChampionshipThe United States Disc Golf Championship is seeking volunteers for the upcoming tournament which will take place from October 5-8, 2011.

Since the beginning, the Charlotte Disc Golf Club has been an integral part of the USDGC success. Initial planning sessions, dating back to the fall of 1998, were actually held at classic Charlotte locations such as Jack Straw’s, Sub Station II, Disc Landing, and Elizabeth Billiards. Even though the USDGC is held in Rock Hill, it is very much a Charlotte disc golf tradition.

Volunteer opportunities begin with course set up as early as Monday, September 26th. The Winthrop Gold Course will take shape throughout the week so that conditions will be perfect for the CGDC’s running of US Doubles on Saturday, October 1st. Volunteers are also appreciated throughout Championship Week. To see a list of the week’s events click HERE.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact either Paul Bergey (704-658-5063) or Jonathan Poole (704-724-1352.) During Championship Week you may also simply come out to the staff area at Winthrop located near the Winthrop baseball stadium. Someone will be in or near the staff trailer and be happy to plug you in.

Please consider helping the CDGC and the USDGC maintain their reputation for excellent service and hospitality to the disc golf community.